Expert Advice To Preserve The Appearance Of Your Pavings

Advice From The Experts

Kibon Paving is available to deliver comprehensive landscaping projects and paving work of all kinds in the greater Montreal area. We offer services in a variety of sectors, including residential, commercial, institutional, roadways, and civil engineering.

Beyond Installation

Our team can help you to beautify your home’s façade or backyard by offering creative solutions to completely rearrange your property. Our specialists can also combine the following elements to create a yard that’s truly remarkable.

Clean Your Yard Regularly

To prevent weeds from growing on the surface of your paving or between paving stones, make sure to clear any leaves, spines, and blades of grass from your entrance.

Vehicle Parking

Following a new paving installation, avoid parking a motorcycle on warm days. More specifically, the kickstand could sink into the asphalt, which becomes more malleable in the heat.

You’ll also want to avoid spinning your vehicle’s wheels to avoid marking the paving.

Applying a Sealant

We recommend waiting at least 90 days after the paving work is done before you apply a sealant.

We also recommend placing a piece of plywood under your trailer’s support trestle.

More than anything, avoid motor oil, gas, or diesel spills on your entrance’s surface. These make the asphalt more fragile and will stain your paving stones.

Look Out for Changes

Efflorescence is a phenomenon that occasionally occurs on paving stones, blocks, and low walls. It’s a natural process that goes away with time. However, if the problem lasts more than a year, we will put you in touch with an authorized representative who can evaluate the issue.

If you notice that your paving stone joints are flaking off, don’t worry! Our team will supply you with polymer sand to fill in the gaps.

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