Installer of Paving Stones And Low Walls

Stylish and Personalized Paving Stone Installation

At Kibon Paving, we are paving stone installation experts. We are proud to offer professional, personalized services to our clients in the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors. We also work on roadways and civil engineering contracts in the greater Montreal area.

Comprehensive Expertise

Installing paving stones requires knowledge of a variety of fields. For example, excavation, grading, compaction, and drainage are crucial for durability. At Kibon Paving, we work with a team of specialists who deliver impeccable outdoor paving work, for projects of all sizes: Garage entrances, damaged paving repair, patio and deck design, commercial parking.

Low Wall Construction

You can also count on Kibon Paving's expertise to redesign your yard thanks to low retaining or decorative walls. We can construct blocks or paving stones, depending on your needs or desires. Call us for a free quote and work that’s guaranteed!

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Paving Stone and Low Wall installation experts

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